Ancient City

Ancient City

Sri Muang Mahosot the district of Prachin Buri province. The district was named Pip. The city more than 1200 years old Buddhist century or so in the past six former major seaside port. The growth is a central cultural and arts tradition and Buddhist Sri Muang Mahosot ancient past was a large city. The city is very important. Cultural development by the order. Since the 11th century before Buddhism as a seaside port. Therefore the exchange of goods and trading with China and India. Influenced by cultural Funan. The evidence of excavated beads as Funan and Roman BC, which last for about 600-800 was also found various animal carvings for centuries Buddhist Oamrnryde 7-9 at the Sa Kaeo. Sa Kwan also.

City Mahosot as a country Since around 1000 BC after the ancient name from the fable about the story Mahosot ancient country now in the district, Sri Mahosot Prachinburi. Extensive culture of traces to Phanom Sarakham. There are beach areas where basins mire of Si Maha Phot. (Northward) Si Mahosot. (Median) continued to Phanom Sarakham (Chachoengsao. In the south) has grown from a regional trade across the country great. Or smaller government. Suppose a run of stories of local LAO of the city Mahosot the city Mahosot centric relevant to the community, country and state small way unsteadily in to the lake in Cambodia, including the Chi Basin – data in Northeastern states and Thong (Suphan Buri) across. . the Chao Phraya River West.

State Mahosot the region north of the Prachinburi River. The Si Maha Phot. And Prachantakham (Prachinburi) on the southern slopes of the Ta River and Sanam Chai Khet district Sarakham (Chachoengsao) The dam line traces the ridge deviation cataract long straight road like each other. But not connected. Would leave it to flow into the Gulf of Thailand cataract west started to ooze.

Ancient City, Sri Mahosot centric government Mahosot the ditch soil map units form fourLi Yom cloth corners Mon 700 meters wide and 1,500 m long city now called Mahosot. In Ban Khok Wat. Si Mahosot. Prachin Buri province. Places of Worship of traces at large. . and spread out city and the city All in all, a lot. Many of the pool is important Sa Kaeo, Emerald Pool, lotus pond in the city assumed that fatigue Dvaravati. Evidence most often found is about Brahmanism and Hinduism. Such as Idol. and. ศิวลึงค์ Thewalai etc.

Important in ancient Sri Mahosot feature. Group ancient Buddhist city life around the 18th century cluster Thewalai laterite base. Mountain Top is made of brick pagoda Oval. Look like a bowl upside Dvaravati. Thewalai color image background fabric square laterite Decades of approximately 12-13 and Sa Kaeo, a traditional pool. The edge of the pool carved animal designs and 45 different images of Buddhist life around 6-11 century.