Ban Khlong Luek Border Market

Ban Khlong Luek Border Market

Ban Khlong Luek Border Market or Market Salt Plant is the largest trading markets. And the importance of the region borders on the Thai side. Shop and market a house is divided into rooms, most other products come from different dialects, such as Cambodia, China, Korea, Hong Kong or Thailand’s. Border trade environment starting seven o’clock start selling seller. Buyers start buying. Audio of the bargain and get customers in the market. Add vitality to explore the market. Life is one of many races, such as Cambodia, China, Vietnam, Thailand, which together are here. Product distribution, such as brass. Porcelain Porcelain crockery, curtains, clothing, footwear appliances from Russia wicker dried fish products are some of the new And second-hand quality. Buyers take a little bit of both to the quality And affordable. 

Current market plant salt widening area bigger with the five markets – markets plant salt former marketing Det Thai, Municipal Market 3rd, market parrot and market Sapsomboon the shop more than 3,000 store visitors it takes to see themarket very little. Than the purchase of a walk across the salt plant market. I find spinning bicycle rental cars online market has tattoo services. 

And alternative routes of getting to see Angkor Wat Angkor Thom. Cambodia Dan Immigration Aranyaprathet. Aranyaprathet. It is border crossing leading to Khmer civilization in the seven wonders of the world’s first tourist to travel to experience the wonders of the world. Civilization and way of life and people of Cambodia. It is Thai tour companies that service the tour route Sa Kaeo – Angkor Wat Angkor Thom, where the most convenient and economical. 

Plant salt is a word used to refer to place the same since. It occupies the former is a place to store salt. To be sold to Cambodians used to salted fish Later, the need to use less salt. Combined with the fighting in Cambodia since the year 2522-2536 made.Cambodians suffer from famine. Thailand has to resolve the problem. 

And from market to another checkpoint about 500 meters to the canal deep to the border crossing of Poipet in Cambodia market. Ban Khlong Luek Border market is Van Pickup car agencies to the charter market Poipet. Siem Reap town, which at the Angkor Wat – Angkor Thom. Contact the home market at deep canal.