Bangplee ancient riverside market

Bangplee ancient riverside market

Old River Market is located at Tambon Bang Phli Bangpleeyai. The old market Samrong Canal. Surface flooring market. You can walk the same kind, a market, “Siri Sophon” assumes that the Chinese people into opening stores in this market around 2400 BC the ancient market Samrong canal only. To escape from the fire and remains the same as the first building. 

River Market Antique Bangplee a large community of communities. And more prosperous in the past. Freight and passenger market. From East Coast to Bangkok Travel in the past. Used as transportation by boat oar and sail Pie visiting merchants to exchange goods in the Samrong Canal. Floating Floating Bangplee is one of history. A simple life and have accumulated a pretty good cultural offerings. Conservation should refresh the younger generations to study and cherish. Culture of the ancient fathers assets. The poetry of Soonthornphu. 

“To get married Bangplee the monastery. 
More messily Dat distance to center field. 
Oozy liquid only waist deep paunch 
Buffalo is hired to tow along. 
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Huddle together to insert sound loudly. 
Rudder paddle shift roughly ประ Chiang. 
Haggle being busy together some relief. ” 

Distance of almost one kilometer. Along both sides of the path along the Samrong Canal Floating of ancient Bangplee. Was occupied by the female merchants live, but original products worldwide. Delicious food and sweets of all kinds. Decorative house souvenir shop, beauty salon, clothing. Pet shops, etc. with full eye views of Samrong canal boats decorated with food dessert of seasonal fruit pies to the people that Bangplee. And boat people still roaming back and forth on a daily basis. Walking to the middle market. People held a community exhibition. “Picture the old story, old photos on display on the market first. And equipments of professional fishing and various agricultural equipment in the museum in the exhibition were donated to Mon.A person older people in the event when the Su good 
ต and storage as well. 

Tourists traveling to the coast Bangplee, Samutprakarn. Must not miss the trip to visit this important three points. Gilded heart of the Middle Temple Bangpleeyai, prostration prayer at Wat Luang Pho Bangpleeyai in, then take an hour walk to the end measurement buying delicious dessert or leave the traditional floating market Bangplee. Visit waterfront lifestyle. Before departure.