Blue Mountains National Park Condo – Su-ngai Padi

Blue Mountains National Park Condo - Su-ngai Padi

Blue Mountains National Park Condo – Su-ngai Padi former Blue Mountain Condo – Su-ngai Padi. As part of the mountain ridge that divided territory Gala Khiri Thailand – Malaysia. Have a gang of terrorists. Is not there any one experience the magic of this piece of virgin forest. When the situation improved in 2517 it established the Department of Forestry Forest Waterfall Pajo. And become a National Blue Condo – Su-ngai Padi. Which is approximately 294 square kilometers. Covering parts of Narathiwat, Yala and Pattani Blue Mountain Condo This is part of an Indonesian forest hot – Mala support Tropical rainforests, which have high humidity because of rain fall throughout the year. And forest biodiversity are most When compared with other forest types in the same area of tropical forest is found only vertical lines between the equatorial region is Tropical Off Sir Khan, 23 [1 / 2] degrees north and south. Thailand is located in the Isthmus of Kra to Ranong. Tropical botanists divide the world into three large area of tropical rainforest is the Americas. Tropical rainforest Indo – Mala support Bar and tropical Africa 
Plant Featured here is the “golden leaf” or “Oops, Yan Da” in 2531, under this tree species was discovered for the first time in this world. Gold leaf is a creeper Chongkho leaves look like leaves or leaf cut But larger than most. Some leaf bigger than the palm aground. Wavy edges are curved in both leaf and stem end of leaf-like two oval next to it. All parts of the leaves are covered with soft velvet coat. Gold or copper color guard glimpse rainbow sparkling beauty to sunlight. Visible from a distance. If the humidity in the appearance of thick, soft leaves are more too. When a large full. Began to change to a bronze color silver Or on the green. Inflorescences of white Oops Da district is not equally noticeable near the park office. One has to admire head. It also has an important rare plants are expensive and are extinct is the “rattan wicker. 
Wildlife disappeared.A previously detected in this area is the black rhinoceros, gibbons, tapir and chamois and hand key is the value of Southern Optical. The habitat in Southeast Asia. Southern Myanmar Southern Thailand To Malaysia and nearby islands. Often live in the steep mountains and rainforest. In a herd of about 30-40 are the strongest male as a leader in a herd Regular habits shy people fear such as monkeys are not aggressive. (Other than the glasses of Southern ago. Thailand also showed the value of three types of black and gray value of the residence of glasses over. Current value of all four species are arranged into animals mammals are threatened status). In the park there are several waterfalls as Phu Waterfall Software Pajo and Pak Su waterfall, but commonly known. Visitor access to easily accessible is the “waterfall Pajo” is a waterfall that resembles a high cliff broad term “Pajo” is Malayan local meaning “waterfall” at Waterfall Spa Jo’s ascent to the watershed storied. and 9 from the floor is the largest waterfall in the province and one of the beautiful South But because the forest around นัก incomplete. In the dry season, water is relatively small. In addition to the waterfalls, other places of interest include former Mission Hall Tarn Pavilion of King Prajadhipok. His time aboard the Narathiwat province. And a stone carving is located on the signature waterfall Pajo with Season here all year round. 
Getting away from Narathiwat Province, 26 km to Highway 42 to the intersection of Bacho district into the district. Turn into the street for about two kilometers to the park office.