Chiang Mai residents face extreme cold, in need of warm clothing

CHIANG MAI, 21 January 2011 (NNT) – The northern province of Chiang Mai is experiencing the lowest temperature yet this winter while residents are in dire need of warm clothes. 

Chiang Mai Governor ML Panadda Diskul stated that the weather condition in the province had been constantly frigid with the temperature recently plummeting to 14 degrees Celsius, the lowest in a year’s time. Frost has been spotted on Doi Ang Khang while the entire province has been declared a disaster zone. 

Although the cold spell seems to contribute to a lively tourism atmosphere in Chiang Mai, the health of residents is at risk, especially the less fortunate living in the outlying districts. Nearly 470,000 pieces of warm apparel are in demand, whereas only 132,000 have been given out. 

In an attempt to ease the problem, an additional budget of over 10 million THB has been requested and a special center established to provide assistance to the residents. The private sector and retail stores are also being persuaded to help those in need by donating clothes and blankets. 

The Chiang Mai Governor also expressed worries about the smoke problem, which usually arises from extensive open-air burning of vegetation after winter. Therefore, efforts are being made in raising people’s awareness about the danger of smoke to deter them from burning.