Dam noen saduak Floating Market

Dam noen saduak Floating Market

Or known as the father, Klong Ton Khem Floating Market. A place of many famous tourist Ratchaburi Located approximately 80 kilometers away from Bangkok in about Year 2409 Rama 4, Klong Damnoen ordered to dig up more than 32 kilometers from Mae Klong river access some Kwaek Tha Chin River at Pratunam some rubber And Khlong Soi Lek makes many people in Ratchaburi and Samut Songkhram communicable water easily. 
Floating Market. Introduction to the visual world as a tourist first year in 2510 pictures of the floating market killer busy with small rowboat aircraft. Cargo needed to make a living Female traders wear dark colors for farmers. Hat of palm leaves baked. Rowing hawking trade-route communications in the event of a water core. Floating Market started trading from early morning until about 12:00 pm during the Floating Castle right temple, a floating market is still the most traditional way of life starts early. And Y prior to 8:00 pm Call for more. Tourist Information Center Tel: Damnoen Saduak. 0 3224 1023, 0 3234 6161 or visit the website. www.damnoensaduak.com. 

Canal cruise visit Floating Market. 
Floating Market. Rent a boat tour rowboat 300 U.S. long-tail boat ride of approximately U.S. $ 600 8 people took to see the sugar making fresh Takes about 45 minutes, ask for more. David Yu on port calls. 0 3224 1392, 0 6668 9471, 0 9161 0909.


Cars can travel from Bangkok Floating Market is the second route.

1. Travel along Petchkasem Road. (Route 4) via Bang Rose Garden Nakhonchaisri Pathom I KM 83 slightly to meet separately Phae turn left along Highway 325 approximately 25 km bridge Thanarat it to 200 meters and then turn right into another one kilometer.

2. Travel along the line Thonburi – Pak Tho. (Highway 35) Distance 63 km, turn right onto Highway 325 through downtown Samut Songkhram And turn into Highway 325 about 12 kilometers to go.Floating bridge prior to Thanarat 200 meters left and split into a one kilometer

Bus Air Line Buses Bangkok – Damnoen. From the Southern Bus Terminal. Road Borommaratchachonnani. First trip out from 5:00 pm It takes about two hours into the car market Thanarat Bridge. You can then market the passenger minibus Bridge Thanarat. Floating Market reaches a distance of 1 km For more details at Southern Bus Terminal. (Room ticket Saduak) Tel. 0 2435 5031 (Tickets available room Ratchaburi) Tel. 0 2435 5036.

In addition, tourists can travel to the other bus lines. Lines such as Bangkok – Ratchaburi, Bangkok – Petchburi (line one) and then into intersection Phae then the minibus that runs between the junction Phae Damnoen the car out every 10 minutes. 

Located Woradet street. Na city Near the Mae Klong River Clock Tower Museum City Hall was used as before. Built during the reign of the Year in 2465 and six have been restored to form a National Museum in the year. MF 2431. Ratchaburi show about all aspects of such history. Archaeology, Ethnology Geology folk art Cultural well-being of people in the Ratchaburi province, such as Laos and Thailand Karen Song and Yuan foreign tourist. Other antiques displayed dominant than the sword Sak royal seal and Ratchaburi provinces. Buddha also that Lo Su Kim Fri เต Want shine By the Khmer art form is a body of five excavated in Thailand that condition most beautiful museum is open daily from 9:00 to 16:00 pm except on Monday – Tues And public holidays Admission Thais 10 baht (children Free admission) 30 U.S. foreign more information, contact Tel. 0 3232 1513.