Island Pearl – Emerald Cave

Island Pearl - Emerald Cave

Koh Mook may not be known much. But if anyone mention the Emerald Cave, also known as the Emerald Cave is a good target of travelers coming to the Trang sea cave sea is very beautiful spectacular. From the mouth of a small cavity, which is double seam. Reduce the time water hole water level is high enough ships พ้น penetrable But if the water might be more into swimming. Mouth, double seam the light from outside is reflected in the sea cave See the beautiful emerald green eyes seem strange painting of nature that mankind has created tender admiration. At the other side of the cave are white beaches, clear water’s play Surrounded by steep cliffs. Island Pearl Emerald Cave is not only only But also on the east coast beaches around a hole in the east of the residential community, Koh Mook. This is a fishing village. Sharp left and right of the headland and beach Phang Nga Bay with beautiful white sand beach.