Khao Lampi – Hat Mueang

Khao Lampi - Hat Mueang

Khao Lampi – Tai Muang beach area is a lush jungle and the coast 10 kilometers long from the Phetkasem area is divided into two lines atmosphere. The mountains Lampi with forest complete with unique beauty of nature many such waterfalls body of a waterfall four ground floor is a bath natural large Waterfall Prime below the trough large peak b Nim. a sightseeing spot and the Andaman Sea and winding rivers that flow into the sea. In the Tai Muang Beach, Andaman sea, which is a long beach along the Petchkasem to him in the face of giant coastal slope is not very suitable as swimming in the monsoon wind strength. During the months from November to April is the Mueang Beach turtles lay up. To view the sea turtles lay eggs on park visitors must follow in order to not interfere with the spawning of sea turtles.

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