Khao Pu – Khao Ya

Khao Pu - Khao Ya

Khao Pu – Khao Ya National Park is No. 42 in Thailand has announced on May 27, 2525 cover, Phatthalung Province. Nakhon Si Thammarat and Trang. With an area of approximately 433,750 rai topography mostly mountain forest lines. Many of the mountain complex, “he rocks instead of” the highest peak. Area of Khao Pu – Khao Ya. As the water of the river and Trang Pak Panang River. In the source side Phatthalung Canal La labored wooden plug canal clear water that flows and the canal and river Phanang uat. And its vegetation is mostly tropical rain forest. A variety of plants such as wood density based on the Yang Kun Showcase Heuampoo Krabak Forest Champa etc.