Khao Sakae Krang

Khao Sakae Krang

Originally called his glass. Is home to the Wat Sangkat Rattana Khiri. Is the oldest temple built in 2443, under the statue of Buddha is sacred auspicious. Buddha statue of King Rama the skyline of a King ordered the royal cities. The Buddha. Invaluable Uthai Thani Gore was enshrined in the temple. Later, the city fire Uthai Thani Gore was collapsed and the temple Wat Thung glass And invite this Buddha Image at Wat Sangkat Rattana Khiri this.

Top of the mountain can be seen. Scenic city Uthai Thani The statue of Buddha Footprint model. This Buddha is called Mahamaya กุฎาคาร glory. He is on the Sakae Krang compared to where the Buddha. Buddha’s mother, please come to preach on the Garden floor Daowadung. Then came back to earth. Buddha said that the Buddha came down in Vegas city. And become a Wat Sangkat Rattana Khiri. This measure is assumed to Vegas city.

On a night Ram month 11 (October) each year are festivals. Devo will organize an event model. Similar to most of the Buddha monks remember all the rain U-District in the city’s walking down the stairs from the hilltop. The large number of Buddhists come together heavily merit. Front of a large bell at the heart of the Permanent Secretary and Uthai people together create the 2443 Act is regarded as sacred bell. Uthai Thani, and then to see someone who is not up to the toll this card is not equal to. Travel Uthai Thani

Near the top of Khao Sakae Krang Buddha is the King Monument of King Borom primary Mahachanok Nat. In the reign of a King Buddha Yod Fa Chula world first monarch of the Chakri dynasty. (Former name of Mr. Gold beetle) was established as King Father พระอัฐิ people check on Rules For Year 2338 Royal Images of King Borom primary Mahachanok Nat. Is twice the size statue real body sitting on the platform sat the left hand holding the sword regular Position Chao Phraya Chakri. Poraepola sheath placed on the left. And his right hand placed on the right Poraepola. The right end of the Pan Millionaire.Sao high no Ienunr (feather) wear shoes not covered by His Majesty King heel.

The Ceremony The ceremonial king Monument this on April 6 of each year coinciding with the period of flower Supannika or Fai Kam flowers province Uthai Thani bloom common on Khao Sakae Krang and the King Monument to. the forest after his 200 meters world will find a map pin. Used in the survey. Year built since 2475.