Kho Khao Phra Buddha’s relics

Kho Khao Phra Buddha's relics

Phra Chedi contains Buddha’s relics of Buddha’s relics to King pinnacle packaging. To be brought from Sri Lanka on November 21, 2536 created to give a royal charity. But His Majesty the King on the Occasion of his 50 year reign as the worship of the Buddhists. All visitors. On important religious people and tourists will have a religious ceremony together on a regular basis, such as the candle lit. Luang Phor-sized roll with the real expert Look at people. Phetchabun province. Preserved near the pagoda is located at Ban Kong Niam Moo 4 Tambon Khao Kho Khao Kho Memorial, opposite the junction. Adjacent to the library. Khao Kho international travel From the intersection Sado undergrowth Along Highway 2196 about 2 kilometers to the library entrance. Then go about 500 meters to the parking And convert walk through flower Library adjacent to the right is the Jedi Kho Khao Phra Buddha’s relics of data: