Lam Lai Bamboo Bamboo carving

Lam Lai Bamboo Bamboo carving

Lam bamboo forests of the large Carvings to become OTOP product quality. Nakhon Nayok product of bamboo carving This is a work of art created by local knowledge of urban real Nayok. An equation that experience as a skilled fine bamboo forest Become more beautiful decorative patterns and strange to Khajorn far abroad as well. From a small gathering. Of local residents in the District Sarika to make bamboo products from a wide range of forest tree root wood from his big no. As much commercial value. Who do think that Bamboo Bamboo rhizomes from which everyone will see that there is no fee to become OTOP products. The good sales of Nakhon Nayok. It also can export to other countries can also be considered as the best city Nakhon Nayok Otherwise

Bamboo carving is the process that takes time and trouble resolution rather than Bamboo products are as beautiful as we see Requires patience quite beside Kon. Most materials are located in Nakhon Nayok Is that bamboo species. To be carved mostly bamboo species Tong divided into three types of light medium weight that is carved on bamboo Tong medium Pai Tong Lam quite heavy with big hits and do not eat large rhizome shoot each other. Pai Pai Tong Tong central to the body weight and rhizome of carving Pai Tong is the light hits the food I eat shoots not be carved on the difference of bamboo extract and can be done almost all products.

Bamboo aircraft can take advantage of all Start the sheep when the bamboo to the first step had to be soaked disinfectant for about 15 days and the sun again 15 days (for rhizome bamboo) and be almost led to conflict sheep formed here requires. delicate And expertise in making Be completed detailed conflict. Add beautiful color to last. The body must be trained bamboo smoke for about 15 days before then can be carved.

The steps to do that. Start by drawing designs. Then the carving of the draw.Long ฉลุลาย to the point that you want. The next step Sander to smooth hand-engraving and again to the depth of sharp Clear pattern of conflict and Pat Roy chisel out again. The bath solution before leaving to dry. Then bring it into the oven. And then to color Furnished with equipment to look beautiful. Prior to the release. From time to do different parts. Take reasonable falling 2-3 Sunday as the craft requires delicacy Bamboo Office to remove the sun soaking liquid through the smoke to cut training to take the sheep are. Be nearly finished sheep to scratch the paint and polishing liquid can see that there are several more steps to get a job over a piece of it.

Bamboo is a beautiful refined products from Traditional crafts people. A real home. Should be supported and used as a good model for community development in other ครับ who have the opportunity to visit the city of Nakhon Nayok The way to the Nang Rong Waterfall. I do not forget to visit visit. Bamboo products and subsidies of people Sarika Sub.