Museum of Nonthaburi

Museum of Nonthaburi

Museum Nonthaburi learning resources to continue the spirit of Muangnon. Located near the waterfront Non. Former location of The Old Town Hall, Nonthaburi Province. As a pale teak with beautiful architecture. Built in the reign of King Rama 6 is valuable in building architecture and the importance of a long history of Nonthaburi province were upgraded to the current. “Museum of Nonthaburi province,” a source collection. Preservation and exhibition of historical evidence. As well as cultural and intellectual heritage of the people valuable Nonthaburi Learning. Heritage conservation and sustainable assets. 

Indoor exhibits an interesting historical story. Reverse historical narrative of Nonthaburi province yesterday. Illustrates the life and folk wisdom Including fine arts class. Clay sculpture. And viewing the past in the golden age of the pottery trade tips, which returned to the island life with special effects. 

Living room with a welcome 
Nonthaburi know this from the map satellite And see the possibilities of everyday life around the old city hall the morning after the night of videos, including symbols and slogans Tree Nonthaburi Province. 

Room 2 The Old Town Hall, Nonthaburi Province. 
Perspective of building the model. Previous studies component architecture Then trace the changes during the past hundred years of rare old photos.

Room 3 Picture past Nonthaburi City of orchard Chao Phraya River. 
Nonthaburi past land from the origin of the river Until it became a city famous orchards. Views scene model orchard Muangnon in the past. See how the garden is unique.

Room 4 Non local fine arts. / Honor of Nonthaburi 
Learn the importance of culture, Nonthaburi Province. Mural masterpiece. Fine arts and the great Nonthaburi Already know about.Nonthaburi somebody people are outstanding national 

Pottery Room 5. Symbol of Nonthaburi 
Clay Sculpture View larger image seal Nonthaburi Province. Investigates the origins and trace the journey of “radiator designs fine,” provincial symbols. This is far from Dan. 

Room 6 Ban Ko Kret Pottery. And some home Tanaosri. 
Watch the beauty of different radiator designs fine. And study various forms of earthenware in Nonthaburi past the two big producers of products that have sent sales nationwide. 

Room 7 Traditional pottery production, Nonthaburi. 
Watch puppet shows clay pottery production process according to the tips of the island’s traditional home and not be seen. And monitor developments that occurred until now. 

Room 8 Nonthaburi pottery trade in the past. 
Pictures of the past in the Golden Age pottery trade to the island, which tips back a new life with special effects. Track and Way of the merchant ship trade jar