Rangsit Science Center for Education

Rangsit Science Center for Education

Rangsit Science Center for Education located in the Rangsit area of 62 rai District. Rangsit – Nakhon Nayok Thanyaburi Canal between 5th and 6th in the same canal Rajamangala University. Separate from the street Rangsit – Nakhon Nayok to 4 km was established in 2537 as a source of learning science. For young students and the general public. Building area of 35,000 square meters divided into areas. Gallery permanent Planetarium room. Conference and meeting rooms Practice of Science. 

Exhibition Building. 
Enhance learning in Science, such as lamp exhibition of the earth. Astronomy and space Basic science. Magic City Kids Dan Open Science environment Learn wonders of the world millions of years of life. World planet Sports and Science.

Outdoor exhibition. 
Science Park such as herb garden garden science Agricultural natural wood sundial in garden literature Geology. 
Rangsit Planetarium. 
The Rangsit Science Center for Education. The new planetarium. Star Dome projection room is tilted. Seating capacity is 160 seats with an IMAX film projection can be considered as the most modern planetarium in Southeast Asia.

Building is an observatory dome. Installed 16-inch drum size LX 200 with a CCD camera is also another field, such as Camera, New Camera Master smooth 16-inch and 4 inch sizes refract the other three to astronomical events. Serving guests.

There are many different activities such as science camps. To the camp – to camp RAM science classroom. Training meetings. Seminar in Science. 

Science Center for a.Of the รข Rangsit Open Tuesday – Sunday 09:30 to 16:00 am off Monday and public holidays on a split into morning around 90.00 am, 10.00 am, 11.00 am Afternoon 13.00. ., 14.00 pm, 15.00 pm for Saturday and Sunday around 16.00 Add Planetarium admission separate 30 Baht