Sam Chuk market hundreds of years

Sam Chuk market hundreds of years

Two storey wooden shophouses sort through two long side with the bustling commerce of the ancient shop that tells the story of the past very well. Because the former was a seaport along the Tha Chin River is the growth of it is that. The merchants and people roaming the bustling back and forth. Including seven of the banks had before with traditional wood markets over hundreds of years old. A wide range of traditional products to select ฃื้ selected sample. Ready to learn about a collection of historical stories like Sam Chuk market. Or 100 year old market place is still image and atmosphere of the traditional market. Including the scent of life living out the legacy perfectly. Suitable for areas of learning for children and youth to study the roots. And the lifestyle of the villagers. And in the community well enough.

During the reign of five ล้นเกล้าฯ Chuk market as waterfront homes. Chuk up from under the temple. I move up the plant to house a row on the same home three crossroads the Soi 2 Soi 1 who came later would gain Soi 3 Soi 4, respectively, when the district a new north district her ordination, which is located at Wat Ban Tung. § Since 2437 it moved to Ban Sa prevalence in 2454 and changed its name to Sam Chuk later. The river port of trade with more prosperous Tachine. The trade routes from Bangkok Paknampo the past, but in about a year from 2480 to 2510.

Once popular in the transportation shift from road to sea. Chuk’s economy is the arresting And regression respectively. Even have a plan to change some areas of the modern commercial buildings. An incentive for people to think the future community. And have concluded that the way to preserve community And buildings in the same condition. At the same time it must be living under the current economic situation has steadily With the determination of the people Chuk. Enable all sectors to come together actively. When a community action program and city. W Conservation.× to the old name of Sam Chuk is widely known. Visitor tourist visit to Vienna and then again taste the charm of Chuk. Was friendly with a warm friendly smile. Hospitality genuinely fond of delicious food to come back again and again.

With outstanding Chuk. Gain respect from the organizer of the many national and global as

  • Year 2548 was selected from Association of Siamese Architects under Royal Patronage. To be reviewed ประ royal award “Outstanding Conservation Art and Architecture. Corporate “from HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn. HRH Royal Kumari.
  • Year 2550 Department of Arts, “the area and buildings in the Sam Chuk market. Significant historic district historic community conservation as a source of learning.
  • Year 2550 award from the Thai tourism industry, Tourism and Sports Ministry.
  • 2551 Secretariat Sod. Education Ministry of Education Honored to be “Social learning model.”
  • Organization in 2552 UNESCO declared the Sam Chuk market hundreds of years. “A public sector organization to preserve the cultural heritage of” good “in the Asia Pacific region.”