Sarika waterfall

Sarika waterfall

Prime surfing his big To Sarika waterfall. Khao Yai Nakhon Nayok surf the private view of beauty. Waterfall with a longstanding reputation playing clean pure water and cool. With a very relaxing in the air is fresh and pure. Welcome all to embrace the outdoor mountain and stream flow. The Sarika waterfall. Nakhon Nayok. A large waterfall near the capital of one another.

Sarika Waterfall is located in Khao Yai National Park, which will cover the four provinces considered Sarika Waterfall is the most famous waterfall in Nakhon Nayok long standing. And is known of the tourists and the general public. The waterfalls are beautiful and one of Nakhon Nayok Province in the central bar.

Sarika Waterfall is a waterfall that looks throw down the cliff escarpment in the jungle on the field Khao Yai National Park is as high as ninth floor cloth up about 100 meters, in which each layer of the waterfall will have a layered natural supports water and become a small trough around the floor of waterfalls, some of the wide and very shallow water makes us Juicy wet to go down the line, this waterfall has a comfortable and secure. Bottom water layer is OK arterial From a height into the natural water basin. A large basin with plenty of water. Suitable for current players to shower with cement up the stairs to the second floor. Waterfall in the rainy season forces incident rocks resound Scattered throughout the white mist. He along the knoll trough

The bottom of the waterfall to the food stores Sarika several drinks shop. Are many delicious menu for us to stop tasting. And a souvenir shop services in many different forms, but also the great city of Nakhon Nayok We have chosen to view and buy it back home to a memorial as well. Front entrance to the park make parking Parking can be a square comfort. Service staff are fully

Sarika Waterfall in the area of employment the Permanent Court of Por holy Por Lord enshrined in the Permanent Employment. Carved fromWood multiplied people aged over 50 years Nayok and people respect that very much. Shrine Permanent employment is considered the most powerful in the Khao Yai forest floor. Head and body out of all the Pho Ong. UK forest floor with his major. Visit the beautiful waterfall and then. Also Sak Sak right thing to worship him in the forest floor, large enough to Porn themselves and their families, too.