Srinakarin Dam National Park

Srinakarin Dam National Park

Srinakarin Dam National Park with an area of 953,500 rai area declared a park on December 23, 2524 there is an interesting tourist attractions.

Cave Heaven Cave recently discovered a new In the Srinakarin Dam National Park. Coconut trees around the village. Mae Kra roof Sawat district. Look like a cave is a natural tunnel width of 9 meters high, 9 m long, 150 meters from the cave wall are ancient paintings of travel away from Srinakarin Dam National Park about 15 km route Huai Mae Kamin – Erawan Waterfall. Turn right at Ban coconut into another 1.5 kilometers to the village is coconut Another car ran over 500 meters into the village will be the cave mouth. Use four-wheel drive vehicles. And should contact people in the village of coconut trees leads online.

Cave invent a cave large divided into several rooms with stalagmites and stalactite shapes exotic and beautiful location prior to the Huai Mae Kamin, about 10 kilometers, then turn to the Wat Tham invent another 2 kms on foot for another 300 meters. and further apart for about 4 kilometers to the other three big caves, including cave cave water cave duck and Tham Phra Prang cattle. Leaders should contact or visit the office of the park. Srinakarin Dam travel should be used trucks or cars, four wheel drive.

Water Cave National Park duck in the Srinakarin Dam. The village water duck Mae basket Wide cave mouth for about 15 meters high, 10 meters deep in the hollow cave stream flowing out of the cave all the time.

Tham Tham Phra Prang is another one of the big and beautiful province of Kanchanaburi in the Srinakarin Dam National Park. The home water duck Mae basket within the cave is divided into different rooms. Multiple rooms, each with beautiful stalactite and stalagmite trip to Erawan Waterfall route. Huai Mae Kamin. Prior to the Huai Mae Kamin 11 km, turn left onto Temple duck into the water about 500 meters. Indirect measure back to the car park at the footI will have to cave in the distance about 400 meters. It is the cave mouth. If walking from the car park up the hill to the north-west about 130 meters. I’ll find another cave the cave is a cave cattle.

Huay Mae Kamin Waterfall located at the park office at Srinakarin Dam lake. Kanchanaburi, about 108 kilometers away from the Huai Mae Kamin conditions are very beautiful. Around the trees with all kinds of wild plants. Waterfall flowing from the mountains upstream, the shell dry rainforest east of the park. And flows into the Srinakarin Dam Reservoir. This is one of the most beautiful waterfalls. Waterfall is divided into seven levels, with a trigger different to each class such as Class 1, Dong Wan 2nd Floor, Man turmeric Level 3 Palace cliff Level 4 Chatkaew Level 5 Flow and Long Level 6 Dong butterfly 7th floor protector Each storey height and beauty vary. The park has a walking path up to the Waterfall for each class and also the study of nature trails. The ideal time to travel is during October to April. 

Srinakarin Dam National Park fees Adult 40 Thai Baht, Child 20 baht, foreign adults, 200 children 100 Baht

In the park. House prices are 20 baht and place Kang 900-2700 tents for tourists. Restaurants and welfare At night the slide. สอย ask for more. Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Tel. 0 2562 0760 Monday – Friday from 08:30 to 18:00 pm Saturday: 9:00 to 15:30 am or. 

Park attractions will close at Pha Sawan during May 1 to October 31 of each year. 


A route along Highway 323 through downtown Kanchanaburi Then the route Kanchanaburi – Erawan Waterfall. (Highway 3199) through the Huai Phu Tham Phra Mut (Mut Temple Pu) after the path is packed into the red earth at Huai Mae Kamin total distance of 104 kb W.New movie Good car should have power to rent or minibus from the city or the market as well Srinakarin. 
The two navigation routes across the car ferry Along Highway 323 through downtown Kanchanaburi Then the route Kanchanaburi – Tha Board – Mae Mun (Highway 3199) from the car into river at Tha Mae Mun Jump Tha District Srisawat takes 15 minutes free of charge car at 50 baht from the drive. to be found about 10 kilometers to Tha Tha ferry across the Huai Mae Kamin takes 30-45 minutes charges 150 baht per car, then driving for another 7 km to the Huai Mae Kamin. 

 up the boat Mao Mong Tha Tha Krathae or board that is separate from the Srinakarin Dam about 12 kilometers to 1,500 (10) -3000 (30) U.S. when the Huay Mae Kamin Tha walk up to the 200 meters. waterfall 

 or minibus to the measurement of field grass slopes through the house in Muang district, Ban Nam Mut coconut Ta Phut to Sian Huai Mae Kamin. The car at about 12:00 am It takes about 4 hours (Note – at the bus may change).