Thai Friendship Bridge – Lao 2

Thai Friendship Bridge - Lao 2

Thai Friendship Bridge – Lao 2 is located at Ban Song Puay. Big Bang Sai. Away from the city to the north across the 7 km down the city cars Daboo Na Li. The distance from the Road Savan I area to the north about 5 km in officially on December 20, 2549 The model bridge is a concrete bridge two-lane paved width 8 meters pavement beside each 1.5 meters long. Bridges were 2,702 meters. 
Friendship Bridge has the second of these is part of the development of transportation. Linking the eastern city of Da Nang (Vietnam), Mekong River Rd Savan I zone More to Mukdahan And through to the western border of Thailand – Myanmar Mae Sot district. Myawaddy and cities. And to that end. City of Mala fishy Myanmar 
Has to travel across the bridge. Will require international bus only The fare per person U.S. $ 45 The Thai side will not charge the earth’s Democratic Republic pedal. Laos is stored as follows. Passport (Passport) Weekdays 20 Baht Border Pass off U.S. 40 (Borderpass and Temporary Borderpass) Weekdays 100 Baht 50 U.S. holiday park with the bus at Thai-Laos Friendship Bridge – Lao 2. 
Transit visit Rd Savan I zone Details of the bridge has the following. 
For individuals. 
1. Passport (Passport) that is valid for Thais and Lao people in public that three people who have Thai citizenship. Temporary passports can contact the Office of Ubon Ratchathani and Khon Kaen or 
2. Temporary Border Pass (Temporaty Borderpass) using a single sheet (to – to) is domiciled in any province was 3 days 2 nights trip can be done at Tourism Authority of Thailand Building. Mukdahan (the port), Office Transport Company Passenger Station Building Friendship Bridge, Mukdahan Thailand’s Mukdahan 2 – Sa for Savannakhet. Mukdahan Province and City Hall. 
Application documents include Copy of identity card size photographs one inch do not wear hats and glassesFigure 2 ำ fees issued a temporary crossing of 30 baht. 
3. Or Border Pass (Borderpass) kind book must be domiciled in the province of Mukdahan is only one of which can do that. Administration Mukdahan. Near the port area. Building control and reading the bridge’s output. 
Application contains evidence of an inch photo size does not wear a hat and sunglasses on 2 photo fee for issue of transit tracking number 200 is a child under 12 years of age must receive consent from the father – mother Before you are allowed. 
For car 
1. Social Security Car International (Passport Car) at the age of use. And marking the country at car shows. Request made at Transport Office to register. Or the Provincial Transport Mukdahan 
2. Documents prepared insurance. To protect people from disasters Prasop car at the border. Savan Road, I zone under the law of the Lao PDR. Laos 
————————————————–. ——————————.
The choice of travel 
1. Bus travel time between countries. 
And the bus ticket at the station – passengers transportation company of Mukdahan. Ticket outlets or the Friendship Bridge border checkpoint Departures 
Must show your passport (Passport) or Border Pass (Border Pass) Temporary Border Pass (Temporary Border Pass). 
A bus service to 16 daily return trip between 8 a.m. to 17:00 pm 
All passengers must get off the car at the bridge’s border checkpoints. Ready to carry the baggage car. Travel documents for inspection by Customs, Immigration Friendship Bridge border checkpoint inspection cabinet has a procedure through 1,2,3 and consulate officials and Korn to check luggage items. And then proceeded to the car. 
Destination Bus Station Rd Sa is for Savannakhet. Distance of 17 kilometers, which is auspicious for the car to the Vientiane City Road สาละ day Khammouane Lao Champasak Rd. Laos and Danang. Vietnam. 
2. Travel by private car. 
&.nbsp; 2.1 car owner must provide written request during the hoop country (Passport Car) agreements Thailand – Lao PDR. Laos The Office of the Provincial Transport vehicles are registered. Or the Transport Office and marking Mukdahan show in the car. 
2.2 car owner must notify Customs ceremony at the consulate for Korn Mukdahan (Check Point’s bridge). 
2.3 vehicle owners need to inform ceremony – the city of Immigration. Mukdahan (Check Point bridge, etc.) If not a car owner driver must have power of attorney to bring the vehicle out of Thailand. 
2.4 The driver must have a driver’s car of Parties (Thailand – Laos) and the English version. Transport can contact the Office of domicile (Translation done by the Office for Transportation Mukdahan) fitting to review. 
2.5 The driver and passenger ผุ้ everyone together for everyone. Must have a passport (Passport) or Border Pass (Border Pass) or Temporary Border Pass (Tempory Border Pass). 
2.6 Cautions for individuals. If you hold a passport. Can travel across the Road, I zone Savan. Road and travel to various and Ss. Vietnam, but if the phone book crossing. Go up to town guitar Do not enter the city at the urban pop เซ Vira, and cities need Buri. For group tour travel ใล กษณะ. Must obtain permission to travel through its Road Savan I zone The regulations of the Lao PDR. Laos 
2.7 The driver and all passengers must get off the car at the bridge’s border checkpoint. To make a devil travel documents. Baggage check with various Individual solemn immigration. Customs and immigration and customs formalities at the Immigration. Mukdahan Mukdahan and customs in accordance with Article 2.2 and 2.3 points to close at a single cabinet number 4,5,6.
Length of stay allowed in Lao. Laos 
Thai people are. Temporary Border Pass hold (Temporary Border Pass) or Border Pass (Border Pass) Road residence in Savan I zone At a time not exceeding three days (2.× a) The request to stay the immigration officer Rd Savan every time I zone. If you hold a passport (Passport) Lao living in the area. Laos at a time not exceeding 30 days.