Tham Rusi Khao Ngu

Tham Rusi Khao Ngu

Located hillside in the park, he snakes. Ko pavilion features a cave or religious places related to Buddhism Found within the cave wall etch Buddha Caves. His hanging is a sitting Buddha. Pang Show sermon. Buddhist art form Dvaravati. (Buddhist century, 11-13) known that Buddha Throw his hermit cave snake. His face look flat. His eyebrows are convex curved line on each flank to form bulging eyes Poranrsiu flat knit his thick hair big mouth. Lotus has a radius of a blast His text is an inscription between Pan Eya ล ญ Sanskrit, pronounced keys karma ª Gupta Ta Ra Si concentration means that the Si concentration is purified by Gupta Ta philanthropy It traces the major artistic Dvaravati another. Within sandstone Buddha Cave has several body art Ayutthaya. Tham Rusi Khao Ngu area. Many of the places of interest such as visit to visit. 

Footprint. Made of laterite enshrined in the temple. Situated on a hilltop about 128 meters high snake look like rectangular brick building remains ถือปูน.

Cover bowl cave is located near the park, he snakes from snakes to his hermit cave about 250 meters west of the south wall carvings, including a large reclining Buddha image. North is up and stucco images Thep Chumnum a tree. The north is a two disciples, Lord Buddha carvings. Elements like a sneeze is a cave Buddha image at death. Employment worship every year on the first night at 11 months are also snake mountain caves His bell and he has Footprint on the hill and mountain viewpoint snake


Miles from the city along Highway 3087 (line Ratchaburi – Bung – Suan Phung) miles from the town of Ratchaburi to the north-west is about six kilometers into the cave junction.