Thee Lor Su

Thee Lor Su

Located in Um Phang Wildlife Sanctuary word Lor Su waterfall is Karen Black means is located in Um Phang Wildlife Sanctuary. Getting the new route Mae Klong – Home Perm K. Darling distance of 20 km to Point de Los forest left separated from the main road. The Casual is about 27 km to Um Phang Wildlife Sanctuary, a 3 km walk to Thi Lor Su waterfall features a large limestone jungle West Located on the high sea level, 900 meters from the creek circular pipe Water flow throughout the year. The width of the waterfall about 500 meters, surrounded by virgin forest to a beautiful place in the world’s sixth most beautiful in Thailand 

Accessible by car from the Forest Protection Nong Luang. Slurry is located adjacent to the office casual to Um Phang Wildlife Sanctuary. Takes about an hour and a half should be enforced. Or four-wheel drive vehicles with high performance. (Vans and cars not to) access to municipal offices. Only during the months from November to May only during other Will be used instead of rafting and walking. 

The raft can be contacted through its tourist tours organized rafting in the Umphang. The contact at Club Tourism Promotion. And conservation Umphang call. 0 5556 1338. 

Getting to travel in Um Phang Wildlife Sanctuary. Or Thee Lor Su. All visitors will need to request permission. Through the seal Sp. 7 Department of Forestry (the form can be contacted through community tourism promotion. Umphang and conservation) because this area is not tourist areas. Is allowed to go as nature study. Especially during the holiday season tourists will come here in Umphang especially the Thee Lor Su a lot. Causing congestion in natural resources. And waste problems, including inadequate toilet. And road damage. 

Note: Sanctuary Forest City Umphang Umphang eyeA path is closed car From the Royal Forest Protection brook to Thee Lor Su and distance is 25 km from June 1 to October 30 due to the rainy season. The traffic is also difficult. And to rehabilitate the forest for the wildlife living and propagation without disturbance. Travel to Tee Lor Su Waterfall Travel in that time to be able to travel together with the two routes. 
• Route to a rubber boat from A. Um Phang in the Sand. Walking to the Thee Lor Su. Distance of 10 km takes about 2-3 hours. 
• Route 2, walking the route from Luang stream to Thee Lor Su. Distance of 25 km takes about 4-5 hours for visitors who wish to travel into that period must be approved by staff Um Phang Wildlife Sanctuary before every time.

Call for details at Um Phang Wildlife Sanctuary call. 0 5550 0919-20 clubs and offices for tourism promotion and conservation Umphang call. 0 5556 1338.