Wat Kaew Phichit

Wat Kaew Phichit

Wat Kaew Phichit, the old temple built since the year 2422 coinciding with the reign of King Rama V reign. Located in Moo4, Bang Muang, Prachinburi age. Right on the shore of the river Prachin Buri Miles from the city. Go east about. . 2 km generated by her or her bid Poka ประ Sang Sit glass for use in giving alms. Lent listen to sermons by a joint donation of land, labor and capital In Construction In the first phase of construction includes Sala Rai temple monk’s chapel, and. waterfront. houseboat. Originally the temple of Buddha statue Roy model.

When Chao Abhaibhubate family has migrated from the town of Battambang live in Prachin Buri You also sponsor this measure. The restoration Reform Sangkhla Khorn. As well as the creation Esnrsna created new and antique, such as replacing the Year in 2451 and created a funeral pyre cremation pavilion Hrnrnamseongeyc each one back later in the year 2453, when Chao Phraya Abhaibhubate a school Men pavilion has been demolished completely end.

In the year 2457 Chao Abhaibhubate dismantle. Building School Thailand after the original book. School discipline and create fair and book Bali Thai architectural buildings of the West. This school. That Scripture is the school organized the first of Prachinburi Province, and later signed it. . will be received. Schools in the School Year 2461 Pittayakhan forgive Chao ภูเบศ Ã dismantle old Buddhist temple after the damage and a Buddhist temple New post instead of The new temple’s architecture features a combination of Khmer, Thai, Chinese and Western art that is beautiful. . The more rare.

This temple is a building machine lead after five size room with balcony surrounding roof tiles. A splendid porch roof. Second floor and roof balcony around the machine is pretty golden stucco plaster decorated lacquer writing color With a stucco pattern image pattern Wiman Indra Central Union plant. . Gable is the bottom edge of the seaweed pattern grille honeycomb pattern. Porch pillars to be beautiful stucco designs dragon image.One each side of the south-west of the temple is Hotrai. Building is two storey brick ถือปูน connection with a bell tower. Auto. Roof pinion Chofah ใบระกา Hronghongst the bell tower roof has a Buddha.

Wat Kaew Phichit, although the current school forgiveness school Will not be used as a school Hotrai. Is a free textbook and reads Scripture and the number of people interested in the measure is reduced from the original. Wat Kaew Phichit, but remains a source of knowledge. Which traces the rich. History and Archaeology. A psychological refuge. And teach the spiritual doctrine of the Buddha Dhamma. Buddhism is a source and a major tourist province, which shows the adaptation of Wat Kaeo Phichit in accordance with the flow. Economic and social development today.

The importance of this temple of the arts. History History and the center of Buddhism’s key Prachinburi. Fine Arts Department has been registered. This measure is a National Historic Site of the Year in 2533 and 2535, Prachinburi, so this measure has restored again. Using an adaptive restoration of the Fine Arts Department.