Wat Mahathat

Wat Mahathat

Wat Mahathat This temple is another important measure to another. Ayutthaya is situated in Bridge Pa charcoal East of Wat Phra Sri Sanphet. In the Ayutthaya historical park. A religious center in Ayutthaya. Apart from the Buddha’s relics are enshrined then. Also a resident of King ‘. Department Camyrse well.

Chronicles mention of some of this temple that Phra Mahathat, initiated a period in which an emperor Majesty (Khunheyong Ngua Pa), later King Ramet Want it has created a more complete monastery Grand Buddha’s relics to summon Please come packed under base of Wat Phra Prang president in 1927 when BC and known as the “Wat Mahathat.

Map of Wat Mahathat and was originally built to create more later, it’s much more. The center is a prang measure five major Ong Ong pagoda containing Buddha’s relics Grand median Prang toward the body of a four stairs up to the Arch body stupa Ladder back backrest and two statues side is down the winding serpent. Cobra hood to lay flat head at the foot of the stairs Direct floor bench and four corners are decorated with sculptures Heuoeubre image image image Garuda holding a sword master Warin. Figure รากษส holding truncheon Figure Phira Wa giant holding a rod length. The temple walls are made of channel bars and ornamental patterns. Appear to this day. The chapel is large and very long. The evidence showed that the remaining length to 60 meters wide 20 meters inside the temple is Maha Vessantara painting allegory And about Buddha’s life There is also a small chapel. Pagoda and surrounding many.

HRH during the Songtham. (2153-2171 BC), the pagoda was nearly half-body break down the floor Garuda HRH later restored by King Prasat Thong Phra Mahathat promotion to higher. Total height 25 Wa, as shown in the Chronicle Issue Letters. Then, after King Prasat Thong and HRH. Did not appear again the story of Wat Mahathat.

After free time Krung. Wat Mahathat was damaged. But for many, and ruined his.Prang large body remains completely well. His photo appears on the equation Eden King Chulalongkorn reign came at the Royal Ratchamongkhon at The ancient palace in 2450 when the printed book of 63 annals Regional Library. Prang, but this body would break down in the early reign of six this yourself.

Fine Arts Department has been digging up the renovation of Wat Mahathat Act 2499 to focus on the middle floor of the main prang เรือนธาตุ booths. Found in the chimney. The pagoda contains Buddha’s relics in the royal. This finding gives us knowledge about the worship of Buddha’s relics in the modern royal. Ayutthaya increase that is included in the Grand Buddha’s relics casket seventh floor of the first floor out as outer Grand Buddha’s relics The crystal size is approximately 1 / 3 of the rice grain. Packaged in cartridges Gold Class 2 is pagoda crystal is adorned with gold jewelry including Diamond Emerald and Ruby Level 3 is a pagoda Daeng Level 4 is a pagoda wooden black floor five pagoda Otter 6th Floor pagoda money Tier 7 pagoda Chin pagoda the seventh floor packed in 3.20-meter high stone pillars are hollow inside cover. This pillar is a vent inside the room length from the center stand and stretch เรือนธาตุ ground level.

Present pagoda has all along Grand Buddha’s relics preservation and shows online. And supported a worship room Mahathat. The Chao Sam Phraya National Museum.