Wat Pa bright merit

Wat Pa bright merit

Bucha Phra Buddha’s relics Top Hits Top 500 Gold Maha Chedi at Wat Pa bright merit Saraburi

Wat Pa bright merit created in 2528 by Luang Phor Ed Somchai key conceptual than 400 rai of land, a father of Yom Luang Somchai own father. The inner temple is a place suitable for quiet meditation is extremely Because the area adjacent to the hillside behind the very cool weather. And the public to practice together a lot during the weekend.

Later, I have respect for people who believe in Luang Somchai many years when approximately 2548 people in Saraburi province and across the region to jointly build the Phra Maha Ratana. Metal Pho Sri religious animal bright merit Wat Pa bright with merit Up and was completed in 2550, the Lord Maha Chedi is a very beautiful exotic pagodas to 500 because the body balance is different from the Lord Maha JD other body in Thailand.

Nature of the Lord is Lord Maha Chedi large chedi in the center and Ong Pagoda, with more around the arch of the four corners. Make the stairs up to the pagoda body located at the top. The pagoda body is neat, feature rich stucco coating All Gold member In the large chedi chedi housing body in a small class. In a small chedi contains various Grand Buddha’s relics in the body also contained a small chedi and Phra Buddha’s relics. Ong Pagoda on top of the 500 total, it contains all royal Lord Buddha’s relics. Is a sacred religious place of one another.

Lord of the chedi is a small stucco Beautiful ruby glass around the temple has a beautiful large hall for you at To Practice. The temple is very peaceful, clean, shady considered a measure developed another example that it is. But also the art of wood that we have seen in several multi-piece and soon the temple are a reclining Buddha, India, organized a large body sizes up to 145 meters.