Wat Phra Jed

Wat Phra Jed

Saraburi Wat Phra Jed. Is the classical temple, a special type Worawihan another ancient temple. Built in the reign of King Song Tham. Roy is an important sanctuary is Footprint. The stamp on the slab Hillside above the Suwanbanpot. Or he Satcha Vision Kiri. Footprint is a precious feature 108 fully respects similar characteristics Footprint foot people. Is the power of faith of people across the region and how to worship and believe. The motto of the ancient people said that if they come to worship this Footprint will be fully up to seven times to stop living in paradise Even the National Phop this Deeds will merit the fulfillment of life is complete in all respects.

Footprint is discovered by Roy Hunter merit During the reign King. Lord King of Ayudhya Songtham the year 2153 -2167 21 inches long 60 wide 11 inches deep in the annals of Thai evidence that Thera from Ayutthaya to worship the Buddha on the hill and Sumon กูฏ advice from Thera in his own Thai Lanka that has Footprint is a true Buddha has. Gives the same stamps. HRH Songtham has to find the words as found in most

HRH King Song Tham Phra Buddha so please have a little family Footprint. Cover with a layer of large Buddha. Is established. Maha Chedi place. He devoted one benefit the surrounding area offer a Buddha Buddha. Care for Their Majesties the Buddha, a road way. And other objects, such as a monastery temple temple Divinity Hall and Son Song Sena etc. Art from the period. Ayutthaya to Rattanakosin. And a monogram inscription Hpr. The stone large height 160 cm, when the Interim General ฃ 5 came to worship this Footprint Saraburi.

Characteristics of the Buddha Temple Buddha Jed building square Air Castle of the 7th floor roof top picture painted green บันแถลง arch decorated with all classes. Recess with wooden poles twelve Gilded glass around.The outer walls and gilded glass form a scroll. Bin. Door, the Buddha is the finest art of marquetry Thailand Crab and bamboo floors in San money. The stairs up to the Buddha Naga stairs three lines, which means gold and silver stairs down from heaven บันไดแก้ว to fry. Nak head of the stairs, cast bronze with a gold around his head five Naga Buddha lined with hanging bells. Who came to worship the unfolding of a friend works for charity. The Buddhist temple And various temple. In the surrounding waters. Are created in the Ayutthaya period as an art. And early Rattanakosin.

Also in the temple there. National Buddha (Grand Hall), a collection of valuable artifacts such as HRH King Air Songtham. Porcelain chinaware. Antique gold bronze. Ancient weapon. Footprint model. Top of the Lord Buddha old fan of rank different periods. Plumbing and period of King Narai. Grand Hall will be open to the public in a festival to worship Lord Buddha.