Wildlife Sanctuary Hala – Bala

Wildlife Sanctuary Hala - Bala

Wildlife Sanctuary. Hala – Bala is a new conservation area in Thailand. Be announced formally established since 2539, which borders Thailand – Malaysia. The area covers approximately 270,725 rai Gala Khiri mountain ridge. Hala forest and evergreen forest land Bala is not contiguous. But has been declared a wildlife sanctuary, the same forest district Hala in Betong district, Yala and Narathiwat are Hot. But the open nature of public access. Bala forest is only Bala Forest District covers an area swerve and Sukhirin district. Narathiwat Province. 
Construct a security line. (Highway 4062) to the mountain ridge Gala Khiri. Allow easier access to forests. Ban Bu Ke Ta from District Bala wheel cut through the forest and stops at Mountain home in Sukhirin district and 18 kilometers from both sides of the conditions are perfect rainforest in Thailand For nature study here, just driving along the streets, security will be a special preview of what many From municipal offices on. 
Away from the office for about five kilometers to visit the animals there. This area will depend very Tonsai. And animals is often a living child Sai food. Direct access to approximately 10 kilometers to find the location of the Mountain Protection Unit, a unit of sub Wildlife Sanctuary Hala – Bala. It is located along the road. Location will be able to see the mist-point. From here, walk about 100 meters to be found from Sompong (Snapper) giant Girth size of 25 meters height Pooopoon (the root of the tree is spread out around the wing. Most often a tree at the waterfront It will help to support stem), height of about four meters from the wood like Sompong according waterfront Softwood is used a toothpick or match 
The two sides will see the various plants that can not easily find online from elsewhere in Thailand as early Yuan tree nuts in the family Den beautiful showy But far from the road Peel the skin with white. And spindly shape.The higher the car up to 65-70 meters high, is considered the world’s third largest. After beginning Redwood. Lib Continental and a eucalyptus. Often cut to make furniture from wood in a drug Wong Yang, the inconspicuous forest Hala – Bala. From the viewpoint of the เรือนยอด from a drug or jamming together. If ambush observation may well be found hornbills. It started a drug that is itself a source of important nesting hornbills. 
From Heyrngoirnoo thorn Is one of those plants that meet In Thailand, a new report, etc.. 
To the wildlife of the forest’s ecological balance has. Animals that live here are many rare animals such as gibbons in Thailand big black or perhaps Sierra has all the black. And larger than normal gibbons almost double black gibbon hand, usually found only in forests on Sumatra and Borneo forest area to the north of Malaysia to the south of Thailand only Sometimes you are lucky enough to find two islands on top of this stick. There are also Ubdood the largest frogs in Thailand Length from the bottom end of mouth about a foot more than five kilograms of weight in the forest habitats on the high mountain watershed. And Wildlife survey found All four tapir species of chamois marble cats and Sumatran rhinoceros hornbills, the indicators of forest integrity. And rare species of birds. But in this forest was the ninth in 12 species of hornbills found in Thailand, including hornbills, mouth pucker Hornbill rock hit (a single species of hornbills, hard solid nodule. Villagers in Indonesia has bird hunting rights to remove the protruding rocks to the ivory carving) Nok Nok Kok joke hoary Hornbills Hornbills Hornbills mouth black head black rhinoceros hornbills hornbills Kornamcgrong. The best season is from February to April. 
Who wish to study in natural areas. Do wish to advance notification of wild animal sanctuary, Hala – Bala PO Box 96160 3rd District, Narathiwat Province or swerve Affairs Sanctuary. Natural Resources Conservation Office Royal Forest Department, Bangkok, contact details at 0 7351 9202. 
Facility By region Sanctuary Spray area.Ð some do not allow visitors to camp 
Travel Contractors can minibus to swerve to the market district. สุไหงโกลก or station. Or driving along the highway heading to the 4057 District swerve Ban Bu Ke Ta up. Will have signs to drive to the Wildlife Sanctuary, Hala – Bala. 
Season suitable for the study of nature here is from late February until September. Which is not too much rain falls นัก