Wildlife Sanctuary Khieo – Tung Ka Mang

Wildlife Sanctuary Khieo - Tung Ka Mang

Wildlife Sanctuary Khieo – Tung Ka Mang. The territory covered in forest and Kaset Somboon Khon San, Nong Bua Daeng. Operations and wildlife. Culture and expansion of wildlife such as deer, barking deer, peacocks and deer ไก่ฟ้าพญาลอ as freeing animals live in natural areas. To reproduction and propagation of their own. Has been prepared Trail for nature enthusiasts of closely 
Field is perhaps the heart of a vast grassland Wildlife Sanctuary Khieo. Important food source of herbivores. With an area of 830 rai in 2526 and the Year 2535 project due to the Royal Queen. Laid back local wildlife in this area, such as barking deer, mouse deer and various birds are prepared in the salt marsh field Kamang for animals to eat salt marsh and grassland conversion to burn the grass, barking deer, bear’s food. Deer during the dry season. The brow above the field Kamang. A palace that sat above the bath.
Wildlife Sanctuary to Khieo the same path Chulabhorn Dam. Before the dam three kilometers from the junction left check (Pang Muang) to a municipal office and another 24 kilometers into the trip the Wildlife Area are two cases. If a visit to – to one day. You can ask for permission from officials at Camp Check violet If stay overnight stay must be approved by the Wildlife Conservation Department of Forestry, Bangkok directly The area has very strict regulations in the area because of its rich forest and wildlife. Getting into space is like the one disturbing nature, so for those interested in studying nature and wildlife and the area has not really opened to trip over. Months from July to September.