Wooden digging around to see Agro

Wooden digging around to see Agro

See Agro. Shopping logging digging around Thailand’s largest source of Cha District Saraburi

Cha Kaeng Khoi District, Saraburi Province, where villagers than 290 households in 17 villages of this District Cha. To sell wood dug around each plant is the main occupation. It is a collection of plants that digging around Largest in Thailand It is also an important source of exports in both countries. And outside the country. Former villagers Cha Bar District. It is the main occupation is to grow cassava But revenue is not good. Once a year in 2517 with companies from abroad into wood to make suggestions about digging around And help teach people in the process of growing and can be used generally. When I purchased the product from all And people are beginning to grow revenue so-so

Initially nobody much is planted in some households only. Later on that income better than cassava Logging is turned around each other more digging. And become the main occupation of this district Cha today. That almost every family made together when people do more pieces as a group. People are together for the market itself is growing and expanding to all regions of the Thai market today. Considered a strong self-reliant community that is very commendable and should be used for. As used in various communities throughout the region in Thailand.

Logging digging around Or timber to the surrounding villagers. Tree species that is not dependent on a single stem trees and other large and small, from growing to normal soil. The fertilizer will be little maintenance. From disposable to the one Or to stem the size desired by most wood to dig around at least a year earlier according to size or according to customer order. Dig it up and started. The source tree will be planted from Phachi Ayutthaya.

In today’s variety of plants. Grown to dig around to doing many types of wood such as Inthanin Tabak Ratchaphuek Nonsi Paya virtuous Bun Yellow Sirindhorn Koon Hang Du mosquitoes as birds regard to dig around a wooden stage.There are quite a lot more complicated will be considered sold.